Recent News On The Housing Market

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Bankrate - After a record, run the housing market finally shows signs of cooling
Forbes - Stock Market 'Carnage' Set To Worsen As Fed Rate Decision Looms - Here's How Bad It Could Get
Forbes - Housing Market 'In Free Fall' As New Construction Plummets - Here's When 'Reset' Could Coll Prices
Fortune - Keep an eye on those 'overvalued' housing markets as the housing boom implodes
CNN Business - Mortgage rates jump, jacking up monthly payments for new buyers
CNBC - Fed hikes its benchmark interest rate by 0.75 percentage point, the biggest increase since 1994
Market Watch - Millions more homebuyers may be priced out of housing market, as 30-year mortgage rate spikes after Fed's biggest rate hike since 1994 - The US housing market is heading toward the 'most significant contraction' since 2006
Fox Business - Wall Street's favorite recession indicator is flashing red
Market Watch - Housing market is cooling as an estimated 25% of home listings cut their asking prices: 'We're shifting from a real buying frenzy to much more normal conditions'
Forbes - Wall Street Narratives Distort Reality; A Deep Recession Is Rapidly Approaching
New York Times - Fed Set to Lift Rates as 'Soft-ish Landing' Becomes a Harder Sell - No One Saw It Coming: How a Housing Market Curveball Has Completely Changed What Buyers Can Expect in 2022
ABC News - Average US Mortgage Rates Jump By Most in 35 Years
CBS News - Tech companies rocked by layoffs as industry faces biggest downturn in two decades
CNBC - Real Estate Firms Compass and Redfin Announce Layoffs as Housing Market Slows